Happy New Year!! We are so excited to announce our first ever salad subscription. Unlike the tradition CSA, a salad subscription focuses on just salads (imagine that). So here's how it works. Every week you get a box that contains all your salad needs. Lettuce mix (lettuce, spinach, arugula, baby kale), micro-greens (radish shoots, pea shoots, sunflower shoots, broccoli shoots), and 2-3 bunches of root veggies (carrots, radishes, turnips). The great thing about this box is that your not overwhelmed with a diversity of crops you have no idea what to do with. With this subscription, you just make SALAD. We are also exploring options for having an add-on option for a salad dressing!! If you know craving a salad just head over to the SALAD SUBSCRIPTION tab above and click on it to learn more and sign up.

Can't wait for the coming season and to get some delicious salads on the table :)

- brenton

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